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Ou Story

Leaping Into The Unknown

I never really liked bulky cases. When Steve Jobs announced the original iPhone, I was in complete awe. It wasn’t until the 3rd generation I finally got my hands on the iPhone, and I never looked back.

The iPhone is a pretty beautiful thing, but it’s a pretty expensive beautiful thing. One of the reasons I never did use any case is that I found them to be bulky and heavy. If I could feel the phone in my jeans, the case wasn’t for me.

I’m one of those people who upgrades every 2 years. You can imagine by the end of the 2nd year the iPhone would look terrible. I wanted to avoid this when I got my new iPhone 6s.

Otterbox type of cases were never in my list, I mean, I’m not Bear Grylls or Indiana Jones, I probably won’t start taking free-running or skateboarding any time soon! Bulky cases weren’t for me, I wanted to feel the iPhone’s slim form factor, but I wanted a case that would protect it from everyday use.

From PaperCase to six different types of cases. Over the years we’ve learned from our customers and improved our product line, as trend changed, we changed too.

Finding The Right Case

I started looking for a thin case that would protect my iPhone. The cases I was finding on eBay and Amazon weren’t for me. If I found a thin case it would have the manufacturer’s logo slapped on it. I just didn’t like that, I wanted something that was thin and unbranded, minimal. P.S. we don’t slap logo on any of our cases.

We now have 6 different types of case that offer different level of protection without addding bulkness, and you can choose from over 400+ unique designs. Most of our cases can be personalised too. Every case is printed here in the UK within 24h working hours. 3D cases are printed in UK and globally, so that it can reach you quicker.

The eBay Experience

I bought a cheap thin case from eBay and an expensive one from another website. The case I bought from eBay, after a week I realised it was coming from China, although the product was listed on eBay UK. My mistake was not checking where the seller was located. eBay tries really hard to hide this fact, just try to use the mobile app, and you will understand what I mean. In the end, I had to wait somewhere around 3 weeks for the case to arrive.

Buying a case shouldn’t be this frustrating. Surely, there must be an easier way. The brands just want to take our money without solving an actual problem, to maximise profit, and eBay sellers don’t really care at all, and hope for you not to complain because the case you bought was cheaper than chips!

This is a Family Business

I wanted to created something different, providing a solution without breaking the bank. Our cases are not cheap, but you’ll get value for your money, because testing, checking, improving design takes time and money. We are not here to make a quick buck and disappear tomorrow. Our business is completely bootstrapped, which means we only answer to our customers. We are here to make a great company that provides a complete solution for your phone at an affordable price, and that is our mission.

Here are some facts about us, we’ve sold over 13,000+ cases worldwide, to over 70 countries, even to someone in Cape Verde! More importantly, 13,000+ people have now experienced Haribo’s, Tangfastic sour-sweet! We’ve also drunk at least a few tons of coffee! On average Monday we are the busiest and Friday is our least busy day. We hit the pub from 4 pm on Friday. We were a huge Game of Thrones fans 🙁 That’s pretty much it really, but lastly, we want to thank you for support, without you we won’t be able to do what we love.